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    Avoid using plastic for Aggressive Food Containers

    Probably many who like hot fried tofu pocket, and put it in a plastic container to take home. Did you know this is very dangerous? Chemicals present in such compounds Food Packaging PB , semikarbazid ( SEM ) and phthalate esters ( DEHP and DIDP ) of food that should be avoided are aggressive.

    This is because one of the factors that control the magnitude of migration is food aggressive , besides the long duration of contact and high contact temperature also has an effect.
    " Food packaging should be avoided because of food aggressive facilitate harmful chemicals to migrate into food in direct contact , " said Director of Product Control and Hazardous Materials bpom, Drs. Mustafa, Apt, Kes.
    Food Aggressive by Mustafa who has acid properties, hot and greasy.
    " Pickled , hot and greasy fried foods is an example of a simple food once exposed to aggressive chemicals out of Plastic Food Packaging, " said Mustafa was written on Saturday ( 10/19/2013 ).
    Acidic foods such as pickles are easy to pull harmful compounds in the packaging and contaminate the fluid into pickles.
    Fried or rendang , if the food sticks to the plastic packaging of existing hazardous substances will contaminate food and damage the health of the consuming.

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    Tips for Choosing a Safe Food Packaging

    Choosing Food Packaging should really make sure its security . However , for the certainty of a Packaging Food security can only be proven through laboratory testing .
    This was conveyed by the Director Product Stewardship and Hazardous Materials bpom , Drs . Mustafa , Apt , Kes , as written in his office on Friday ( 10/18/2013 ).

    "It is difficult to ensure food safety can only be carried out laboratory testing and it requires a process that is not short," said Mustafa .
    Mustafa gave tips Packaging Food safe pick , namely :
    1 . Polar uses packaging made of glass / glass or ceramic2 . Choose packaging that carry the logo between food and recycling code3 . Choose a color that is not flashy packaging4 . Follow usage instructions recommended by the manufacturer5 . Choose a package that includes the identity of the manufacturer6 . Do not be fooled by cheap prices7 . Avoid plastic penggunaa to create or boil foods such as diamond8 . Do not boil the milk bottles for sterilization , should be soaked in boiling water
    " Choose a logo tara Food Packaging food ( spoon and fork logo ) . Essentially consumers should carefully and thoroughly the packaging label , " said Mustafa .

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    Do not Sit linger, it's dangerous!

    That every day you spend too long sitting at work when you should begin to be aware of now. One study found that sitting too long can result in blood clots that lead to heart attacks.
    Legs are the body parts most susceptible to blood clots caused by sitting too long . Blood clots in the legs usually called deep vein thrombosis ( DVT ) , the emergence of a blood clot in a blood vessel inside of the legs or pelvis.

    As reported by the Times of India , Dr Anil Bansal , Interventional Cardiologist at Columbia Asia Hospital said , sitting in the same position for long hours can lead to blood clots in the legs that can be bad for the sufferer. "
    Dr Anil adds , occurs when a blood clot , he will find a way to break free . The self membekaskan journey will pass through the blood vessels leading to the right lung and potentially cause pulmonary embolism ( blockage of an artery in the lung ).
    This condition can lead to other complications such as lack of oxygen in the blood vessels to the heart , so in some cases can trigger heart attacks.
    This is why experts recommend that you give your body time to stand up and move every 15-20 minutes from a seated position.
    Take the time to do a light stretch to the blood flow back smoothly

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    Indonesian Metal money that makes you a Millionaire

    Yesterday had my share of Indonesian paper currency information are worth millionaire. Nahh, this time I will give information about Coin that will make you valuable to each the tiles. Why this coin samapai hundreds of millions worth? in fact because the coin is made of gold and silver as well as printed in very limited numbers so it is very difficult to find.
    Immediately, for the curious, is worth whatever money the millionaire Have a listen!

    Series of 25th anniversary of Indonesia's independence (1970)
    1 . Fractions 200 dollarsMade of silver ( silver ) grading 99.99 % weighing 8 grams . Picture of a bird of paradise and 5100 copies were printed . Prices range from Rp . 400-500 thousand.

    2 . Fractions 250 dollars
    99.99 % silver with a weight of 10 grams and a picture of a statue of Manjusri Temple Tumpang in Malang . 5000 copies were printed , selling price around Rp . 500 thousand.

    3 . Fractions 500 dollarsPicture dancer puppet , 4800 copies were printed . Silver content of 99.99 % by weight of 20 grams. Selling price of about Rp . 500 -600 thousand.

     4 . Fractions 750 dollarsPictorial carving Bali, weighing 30 grams with a silver content of 99.99 % . 4950 copies were printed. Selling price of approximately Rp . 600-700 thousand.
    5 . Fractional 1000 rupeesSudirman pictorial weighing 40 grams and is made of 99.99 % silver . 4250 copies were printed at a price of around 800 thousand s/d 1 million dollars.

    The fifth fraction above there are packaged in a folder contains a certificate of authenticity . The price of a complete set in numbers ranging from 2.5 to 3 million dollars.

    In addition to the five fractions tebuat of silver , 5 fractions which also issued the same shape but with different nominal and materials . The fifth subsequent fractions made ​​of gold with 90 % levels .

    6 . Fractional 2000 dollarsImage and the exact size of the silver , made ​​of gold weighing 4.93 grams and as many as 2970 copies printed . Very rare and valuable. Price of gold alone has about 1 million dollars not including the value of antique .

    7 . Fractional 5000 dollarsWeighs about 12.3 grams and as many as 2150 copies printed . Price of gold alone is about 2.5 million rupiah.
    8 . 10000 rupiah denominationPrinted as many as 1440 pieces weighing about 24.6 grams. Prices have exceeded 5 million.
    9 . 20000 rupiah denominationWeighed 49.37 grams with a number of just 1285 pieces. Above the current price of 10 million dollars.
    10 . 25000 rupiah denominationLargest fraction of this series , made ​​of gold weighing 61.7 grams. Print only as many as 970 pieces. Very rare and valuable. Price has reached 14-15 million dollars. Picture taken from the website of Bank Indonesia .
    WWF SERIES 1974
    1 . Fractional 2000 dollars
    Picture tiger Java and consists of 2 types :a. Made from silver content of 50 % by weight of 25.65 grams. Price about Rp.200 thousand and printed as many as 43000 piecesb . Made of silver with levels of 92.5 % ( proof ) and weighs 28.28 grams. Price of about Rp 300 thousand and 18,000 copies were printed
    2 . Fractional 5000 dollarsPicture orangutan , also consists of 2 types :a. Made of silver with levels of 50 % and a weight of 32 grams . 43000 copies were printed . Price of about Rp 250 thousand.b . Made of silver grade of 9.25% (proof) and weighs 35 grams . 17000 copies were printed . Price of approximately Rp . 350 thousand .
    3 . Fractional 100,000 rupiahDragons are very beautiful picture , made ​​from 90 % gold by weight of 33.437 grams. Printed in very small amounts is 5333 pieces . Prices range in the amount of Rp. 10 million perkeping . Because of the shape and picture are beautiful , this coin becomes the target of collectors abroad .

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    The rupiah currency Worth Rare and Expensive Enough

    Very exciting news for the bloggers who still have money to save and advance outstanding paper in Indonesia. Money is considered a criteria Rare, unique and high value!! Wooww .. amazing.

    Rupiah is derived from the rupee, Indian currency unit. Before so Rupiah, since 1818 Indonesian currency wearing Gulden Netherlands Indies. Of total circulating coin Gulden ever, there are some valuable collector's item. One of these is the series of paper money Movies. This draws the most hunted by collectors of old coins. The question, according to the collector of beautiful grafisnya including, nominal complete, and rare. So, the price is soaring even as the price of chili in the market. This series consists of 8 fractions. Whether and how its value? we only live show:

    • 1.5 Gulden

    The only picture that only a fraction of the Javanese dancers. Have similar water mark draw Coen, namely JB writing spread throughout the paper. This is the smallest fraction of a fraction of the most readily available. The price is now stretched from tens of thousands of rupiah to Rp 500 thousand per his sheet. Lucrative not ..?
    •   2.10 Gulden

    Fractional paper money is also relatively easy to find. Are you the one that had this bill? be prepared to be a millionaire, hooo .. hohohohoho!!
    •  3.25 Gulden

    The shape is larger than the fraction of a second before. Motion picture is a pair of dancers. Make Money with zig-zag striped watermark is priced around 250 thousand rupiah to Rp 1.5 million per strand. Amazing!
    •  4.50 Gulden

    Start this fraction, the money is great shape and quite hard to find in any condition. Watermarknya Hindu statues and signed by JC Waveren. The price start Rp 1-3 million depending on the condition.
    •  5.100 Golden

    Very hard to find and the price of money is a sign of water, including expensive Hindu statues. There are off to Rp 8 million per sheet. You have it?
    •  6.200 Gulden

    If that is, more difficult to find and the value is very high. Prices reached tens of millions of dollars. Tolerable to buy motorcycle ... come in looking for!
    •  7.500 Gulden

    According to the collector, in the last five years there were only three pieces are seen in the market. Worth about USD 20 million per sheet. Wooww ... could buy a house that has 10 sheets, hoooo hoooo ..!
    •  8.1000 Gulden

    The latter is clearly the hardest to find, and only owned by collectors of high grade. The price could reach hundreds of millions of dollars. Want to have one wrote, passable ....
    The information is not interesting? Hurry if anyone has it please look for antique collectors who are looking for money-money money scarce above. Congratulations on becoming a millionaire suddenly ... ho, hohohohoho .... Greetings, greetings.

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