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The rupiah currency Worth Rare and Expensive Enough

Written By Aulia Agusta on Friday, 18 October 2013 | 23:41

Very exciting news for the bloggers who still have money to save and advance outstanding paper in Indonesia. Money is considered a criteria Rare, unique and high value!! Wooww .. amazing.

Rupiah is derived from the rupee, Indian currency unit. Before so Rupiah, since 1818 Indonesian currency wearing Gulden Netherlands Indies. Of total circulating coin Gulden ever, there are some valuable collector's item. One of these is the series of paper money Movies. This draws the most hunted by collectors of old coins. The question, according to the collector of beautiful grafisnya including, nominal complete, and rare. So, the price is soaring even as the price of chili in the market. This series consists of 8 fractions. Whether and how its value? we only live show:

  • 1.5 Gulden

The only picture that only a fraction of the Javanese dancers. Have similar water mark draw Coen, namely JB writing spread throughout the paper. This is the smallest fraction of a fraction of the most readily available. The price is now stretched from tens of thousands of rupiah to Rp 500 thousand per his sheet. Lucrative not ..?
  •   2.10 Gulden

Fractional paper money is also relatively easy to find. Are you the one that had this bill? be prepared to be a millionaire, hooo .. hohohohoho!!
  •  3.25 Gulden

The shape is larger than the fraction of a second before. Motion picture is a pair of dancers. Make Money with zig-zag striped watermark is priced around 250 thousand rupiah to Rp 1.5 million per strand. Amazing!
  •  4.50 Gulden

Start this fraction, the money is great shape and quite hard to find in any condition. Watermarknya Hindu statues and signed by JC Waveren. The price start Rp 1-3 million depending on the condition.
  •  5.100 Golden

Very hard to find and the price of money is a sign of water, including expensive Hindu statues. There are off to Rp 8 million per sheet. You have it?
  •  6.200 Gulden

If that is, more difficult to find and the value is very high. Prices reached tens of millions of dollars. Tolerable to buy motorcycle ... come in looking for!
  •  7.500 Gulden

According to the collector, in the last five years there were only three pieces are seen in the market. Worth about USD 20 million per sheet. Wooww ... could buy a house that has 10 sheets, hoooo hoooo ..!
  •  8.1000 Gulden

The latter is clearly the hardest to find, and only owned by collectors of high grade. The price could reach hundreds of millions of dollars. Want to have one wrote, passable ....
The information is not interesting? Hurry if anyone has it please look for antique collectors who are looking for money-money money scarce above. Congratulations on becoming a millionaire suddenly ... ho, hohohohoho .... Greetings, greetings.

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