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Avoid using plastic for Aggressive Food Containers

Written By Aulia Agusta on Sunday, 20 October 2013 | 03:25

Probably many who like hot fried tofu pocket, and put it in a plastic container to take home. Did you know this is very dangerous? Chemicals present in such compounds Food Packaging PB , semikarbazid ( SEM ) and phthalate esters ( DEHP and DIDP ) of food that should be avoided are aggressive.

This is because one of the factors that control the magnitude of migration is food aggressive , besides the long duration of contact and high contact temperature also has an effect.
" Food packaging should be avoided because of food aggressive facilitate harmful chemicals to migrate into food in direct contact , " said Director of Product Control and Hazardous Materials bpom, Drs. Mustafa, Apt, Kes.
Food Aggressive by Mustafa who has acid properties, hot and greasy.
" Pickled , hot and greasy fried foods is an example of a simple food once exposed to aggressive chemicals out of Plastic Food Packaging, " said Mustafa was written on Saturday ( 10/19/2013 ).
Acidic foods such as pickles are easy to pull harmful compounds in the packaging and contaminate the fluid into pickles.
Fried or rendang , if the food sticks to the plastic packaging of existing hazardous substances will contaminate food and damage the health of the consuming.

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