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Tips for Choosing a Safe Food Packaging

Written By Aulia Agusta on Sunday, 20 October 2013 | 03:17

Choosing Food Packaging should really make sure its security . However , for the certainty of a Packaging Food security can only be proven through laboratory testing .
This was conveyed by the Director Product Stewardship and Hazardous Materials bpom , Drs . Mustafa , Apt , Kes , as written in his office on Friday ( 10/18/2013 ).

"It is difficult to ensure food safety can only be carried out laboratory testing and it requires a process that is not short," said Mustafa .
Mustafa gave tips Packaging Food safe pick , namely :
1 . Polar uses packaging made of glass / glass or ceramic2 . Choose packaging that carry the logo between food and recycling code3 . Choose a color that is not flashy packaging4 . Follow usage instructions recommended by the manufacturer5 . Choose a package that includes the identity of the manufacturer6 . Do not be fooled by cheap prices7 . Avoid plastic penggunaa to create or boil foods such as diamond8 . Do not boil the milk bottles for sterilization , should be soaked in boiling water
" Choose a logo tara Food Packaging food ( spoon and fork logo ) . Essentially consumers should carefully and thoroughly the packaging label , " said Mustafa .

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